Natural Gas

As independent energy consultants, we work with you to secure the best possible price that’s available for your natural gas at any given time by tendering live to the market.


Controlling business electricity costs has become a very confusing and time consuming process with the advancement of electricity deregulation.

Resources & FAQs
  • Q: How much will your service cost me?
  • A:
    Our service is free: we will not invoice you for our services.

  • Q: As a high consumption energy user how much could you save me?
  • A:
    Savings can be as high as 30% + depending on current market rates.

  • Q: Who do we receive our bills from?
  • A:
    In a majority of states, your local utility still bills you for your supply – so nothing changes. If the local utility does not bill the supply, the supplier you choose will invoice you directly for your energy.

  • Q: Will we as a business have any choice of suppliers?
  • A:
    You will have full control of your choice of supplier. We do what we are best at, analyzing the market and making the specific recommendations on suppliers and rates for your business.

  • Q: Is your service impartial?
  • A:
    Options Utility Consulting is completely impartial and non-biased.

  • Q: What information do you need from me?
  • A:
    Simply a recent invoice from your energy supplier will be enough to start the ball rolling.

  • Q: What makes Options Utility Consulting unique?
  • A:
    We continue to be a market leader in our sector, our core business strengths and the items that we believe differentiate us from our competitors are:
    • Open book policy – we operate on a transparent basis with both clients and suppliers, there are no hidden costs and our advice is therefore completely impartial.
    • Partnership approach - we believe in the importance of working in partnership with our clients to achieve their specific requirements and are proud of our high level of customer retention rates. We do not believe that "one size fits all" and are happy to tailor solutions to clients' needs.
    • Effective Negotiation – we operate with all suppliers in the market and our in-depth knowledge, established presence and longstanding relationships allow us to ensure best prices can be achieved.
    • Market Intelligence and Risk Management – our dedicated team of analysts allow us access up to the minute pricing information, which along with an informed understanding of market dynamics, help to deliver financial benefits.
    • Post Contract Services – Options Utility Consulting is committed to quality customer service and aims to build lasting working partnerships with our clients. Our dedicated Account Managers are tasked to ensure the smooth running of contracts after they are awarded, coordinating all query management and individual client reporting.

  • Q: What should companies be considering when making a consultant selection decision?
  • A:
    In Options Utility Consulting's view, companies should be looking to select a supply partner who can best deliver a whole suite of utility procurement services on the basis of a transparent approach. The consultant should understand both the company’s business activities and utility requirements before engaging them into recommended strategies. It is important that the chosen supply partner can react to change and evolve their approach around developments in the market and corporate decisions.

  • Q: Who would manage our account?
  • A:
    Options Utility Consulting currently operates from our headquarters in Toledo, OH. We have created an organizational structure which focuses on continuity of contact and support for the client. Once appointed, we identify key account management personnel to act as the day-to-day point of contact, thus developing strong working relationships to ensure that the client needs are best met. This follows the following structure:
    • Senior Account Manager
    • Account Management Support + Negotiator
      Access would be made available to other core members of the team as and when required, inclusive of our Market Analysts for gaining market insight and the Senior Management team where escalation or key strategic issues are required:
    • Head of Operations

  • Q: How are Options Utility Consulting fees paid?
  • A:
    Following the commencement of services, Options Utility Consulting fees are recovered by a consultanting commission payable directly from the successful supplier on the actual usage by the client. If a client is no longer active with our designated supplier, Options Utility Consulting would stop receiving compensation.

  • Q: How does Options Utility Consulting mobilize a new contract?
  • A:
    Upon a client providing a firm order/signing a contract/ letter of intent, we would:
    • Arrange an internal 'sales' to 'account management' briefing.
    • With all parties, arrange a client mobilization meeting and agree actions/ timescales.
    • Obtain a client signed authorization form.
    • Arrange a handover meeting from the incumbent supplier/s.
    • Setup new client/sites on our systems.
    • Feedback/resolution of queries.
    • Commence operational activities.

  • Q: What are Options Utility Consulting core and additional services?
  • A:
    The offer of services comprises of the following Core Services:

    • The Tender Negotiation Process
    • Strategy Development/ Risk Management
    • Financial and Consumption Reporting
    • Provision of Market Intelligence
    • Bill Validation
    • Account Management