Natural Gas

As independent energy consultants, we work with you to secure the best possible price that’s available for your natural gas at any given time by tendering live to the market.


Controlling business electricity costs has become a very confusing and time consuming process with the advancement of electricity deregulation.

What We Do

If you are with another CHOICE supplier, it’s highly likely that your supply agreements are fixed priced and are normally negotiated on a yearly basis. Therefore, you’re exposed to the volatility of market trends. Options Utility Consulting’s experienced analysts with in-depth knowledge of the markets work with you to avoid ‘peaks’ by careful planning and forecasting, enabling you to decide whether to take a longer term contract or not to mitigate your risk. If you are a larger user you may opt for flexible purchasing agreements or pass through contracts. Understanding your options and deciding on the most suitable procurement decision is paramount. Options Utility Consulting can provide you with the guidance and expertise to give you confidence that you are making the right choice at the right time for your organization.

Options Utility Consulting has access to all suppliers. Once we fully understand your natural gas and electricity energy needs and service requirements, we are able to get some of the most competitive rates for you. If you need assistance managing your natural gas/electricity agreements please call one of our energy experts at (419)-794-1404 (option #2).

  • We are PCI compliant
    Which means all bill copies and information shared with our company are handled in an environment that meets stringent security standards. We provide contract auditing to assist you in positioning yourself most favorably in the context of your current energy agreements.
  • Receive tailor-made reports on your energy consumption and cost
    Find out how your company uses energy to see where there is waste or exceptional performance. Why not benchmark parts of the company against each other to drive down consumption and associated costs?
  • Achieve budgetary certainty
    Pay for what you use and avoid budget-breaking backdated payments. Eliminate your supplier’s use of estimated billing procedures that dramatically affect your bottom line.

Options Utility Consulting works with all the main energy suppliers in order to find the most suitable agreements for our customers. By being independent and working with and by understanding the Choice suppliers, we’re able to find the most competitive prices for you and your business. The most suitable product and contractual terms, as well as the most appropriate supplier to meet your servicing needs. Furthermore, our strong relationship with suppliers enables us to resolve any questions you may have, quickly and efficiently.